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How to Be Happy is Here

In a new video, Future’s Choe-Kun has revealed that his hit song “How to Be a Man” is inspired by his father’s death.Choe-kun, who is also the lead singer of South Korean indie band A Pink, explained that his song’s title was a tribute to his father who died during

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How I Got Started on a Rock & Roll Life as a ‘Hippie’ in the 80s

LYNAR RUSSELL, NEW YORK – When Lynyrd Skynyrds first broke through as a rock group, the songwriting was already a step up from the previous bands.They were playing a lot of country, with an emphasis on country-rock.But by the time they signed with Warner Bros., they were already starting to

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How to get more money with a new job

Utube is a streaming video platform that lets users upload and download video files from their phones or tablets.Today, Utube added a new feature: pay-per-view content.Utube CEO and cofounder Matt Stemple has been using it to offer a variety of pay-to-view products and services.The feature lets users watch live streams

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How to get an audiobook in your pocket on a plane

You can get your favorite audiobook on your phone.Or, if you want, you can buy it on Amazon.The latter is pretty easy if you know how to use your phone and the Kindle app.And it works, because it is, in fact, Amazon.Here’s how.

How To Stop Baby Shark Song: Find The Best Song That Works for You

A baby shark song may sound familiar to many people, but its the perfect song to remind you to take the time to appreciate your baby’s growth and development as a human being.While baby sharks are adorable, their songs are a bit more complicated.The songs of the world’s most beloved

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Why are graduates singing Elvis songs?

In this Oct. 20, 2018, file photo, graduates sing a graduation song during a ceremony to introduce them to the university’s first graduating class.The graduation song is performed by the graduating class of 2021, who are graduating this year after more than a decade in a university that has seen

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MLB: Reds’ Evers will be eligible to pitch for 2019

The Cincinnati Reds have activated third baseman Justin Evers from the disabled list.Evers will make his Reds debut on Wednesday when the Reds travel to Houston to take on the Astros in the World Series.The Reds have already activated catcher Brandon Phillips, who is eligible to return from the DL

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What’s in a poop song?

This week, a new song from the poop band The Pushers was released.The song is a love song to a woman named Abby, who has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.Abby’s story is the story of the first person diagnosed with the disease, a diagnosis made by a medical doctor.The

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Bill Cosby’s ‘pina Colada’ song: ‘I don’t give a fuck’

NBC News anchor Brian Williams asked the comedian to share a new song he’s releasing titled “I don-tee-dah.”Williams asked Cosby if he was the type of guy who would be “the laughing stock of the world.”Cosby said, “No, no, no.No, no,” and said that he “don’t give no f***s.””This is

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Why are you a little mad at Miranda Lambert?

by Wired writer Amanda Klassmann”I feel like I’m at a crossroads, like a lot of people, a lot have, like, been at crossroads,” she says.“I think I’m in a very vulnerable place, which is, like all of us, I’m a little angry at Miranda.And it’s like, ‘You can’t blame Miranda.We

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