Which song are you? | Bob Marley lyrics

This song selection tool is an amazing way to discover new Bob Marleys songs.

Bob Marly songs are all around us, and each one has been written to sing.

Here are some of the best songs that have been written by Bob Marles.


The Night Train (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction) (1954) This Bob Marlyn song is a timeless classic.

It’s the only Bob Marlin song that doesn’t get any remixed.


The Last Goodbye (The Old Lady of Beverly Hills) (1968) This song is one of the oldest Bob Marlys on record.

It features an incredible songwriting collaboration between Bob Marlier and the late Bob Dylan.


The Road (I’m a Fool) (1963) This is a Bob Marily classic.

Bob’s singing is fantastic.

This song has been remixed to be played at shows and is the song of choice for many fans of the Bob Marlies.


I’ll Wait (For You) (1974) This classic Bob Marllyn song features one of Marley’s best vocal lines.

Bob sings with a great deal of emotion.


Love in the Time of Need (A Christmas Carol) (1966) This was the first Bob Marle song to be released and is one the Bob’s most popular songs.


The Bluebells (The Night Train) (1964) This beautiful Bob MarLyn song is so catchy that it has been dubbed the “Bob Marley song” and a staple of Marleys repertoire.


A Christmas Carol (1946) This one is a classic that is often played at Bob Marler concerts.

The lyrics are timeless and Marley is an accomplished lyricist.


The Man on the Train (The Train That Came to Dinner) (1969) Marley and his wife, Linda, penned this song.

Marley was a successful songwriter, and Linda’s voice is a perfect fit for the song.


You Are My Sunshine (The Road) (1973) This Marlyn masterpiece is a tribute to Marley.

The song is inspired by Marley having a son named Robert.


Christmas Tree (A Merry Little Christmas) (1970) This version of the song is the most common version of Marlyn songs.

The original version of this song has never been released.

This is the Bob marley song that most people think of when they think of Bob Marlins songs.


I Want You Back (A Girl Like You) / I Want It All Back (Don’t Leave Me) (1975) This marley classic has been featured on Bob Marries radio shows and on television shows.

It was the song that Marley sang at the end of his final live performance at the White House.


The Love Song (My Little Town) (1984) This timeless Bob Marlly song features the most memorable lines ever written by Marlyn.

It also features Marley singing the song at the closing of the White Houses final concerts.


Love Song for You (A Little Help on the Way Home) (1980) This ballad has a beautiful melody and marly vocals.

The only Bob marlyn song that isn’t a Bob song is “The Love Song.”


Little Red Riding Hood (A White Christmas) / It’s a Wonderful Life (It’s Christmas Again) (1967) This wonderful Bob Marry song is always played at weddings and other special occasions.

Marlyn is the only person who has ever written a song that’s not a Bob marly song.


I Don’t Want to Get Old / Don’t I Want to Be Happy / Let’s Go to New York / I Can’t Tell Anybody About It / Don ‘T You Hear Me Calling?

/ A Girl Like Me (1969-Present) This famous Bob Mar Lyn song has also been performed live by Marleys wife, Marley Sr. It has been performed at many Marley shows.


Little Old Lady / Don’T You Need Me / I Love Her / You’re My Sunshine / You Ain’t No Yankee / I Got a Baby (1973-Present ) This song was the opening number of Bob’s 1974 album, The Last Wish, and was also performed by Marlily.


Love is in the Air (The Way You Were When I Was Young) (1976) Marlyn sang this song at a wedding.

This Bob marleys classic has a great cover.


Don’t Go Away (The Last Christmas) or I’ll Have You Back / It Ain’t Easy Being Green (1968-Present ).

This is Marleys best-known song.


You’re a Wonderful Person / Love is a Warm Gun / We’ll Meet Again / Donor, I’m Just a Child / I’ll Come Back to You / I’m Happy to see You Again / The Old Lady on the Mountain (1973). This song

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