Kenny Chesney: Kenny Chesneys ‘Dance of the Dead’ was a smash hit for the singer and producer, but it also opened the floodgates to hate

The song “Dance Of The Dead” was an instant hit in 1984, spawning a string of hits and spawning an entire cottage industry of mash-ups, parodies, and songs dedicated to mocking the song and its creator.

One of those who came to its defense was the now-defunct Christian rock band The Kinks, who wrote songs about it and other songs that mocked Chesney’s song.

Now the Christian rocker Kenny Chesleys has released a new song to celebrate the song’s 40th anniversary, which was released on the band’s own YouTube channel in 2016.

Chesney, the frontman of the Christian-rock band The Jive Tunes, has been promoting the new song, which he’s called “Dirty Dope,” as a way to honor the band and the millions of fans who followed it in the late 80s.

“We wrote ‘Dirty Dirty Dope’ to celebrate The Kinkys 40th Anniversary,” Chesney wrote in a statement on The Jove Tunes YouTube channel.

“That’s why we chose to call it ‘Duck Dynasty’ on the cover of our latest album ‘The Duck’ and we want to say thank you to our fans who came out and supported us during the golden age of music in the 80s and 90s.”

The “Duck” lyrics read: When the world is your oyster, I duck my head around to your side.

And the world looks so pretty and so beautiful.

And you know I like duck food.

But my duck’s got a problem.

His duck is fat.

He’s got duck fat on his face and he’s got some duck meat in his teeth.

And his duck is like, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to you!’

And I’m like, you have to tell me how to fix this.

The “Kinkys” song, “Dunkin’,” was also the band in the original cast of “Dancing With The Stars” and also featured a cameo by former president Bill Clinton.

But it was a little different.

“Dude, I’m gonna give you some advice, Kenny Chesnick,” Trump said of the “D Duck” song at the time.

“And I’m not going to give you a lot of advice.

You’re gonna have to make it happen.”

Trump, who was hosting the show during the early years of “The Apprentice,” called it “disgusting” and said he thought the cast of the show should have to apologize for making fun of Trump.

The song has since been re-recorded several times and Chesney has also made a number of guest appearances, including on the 2016 “Dynasty” season premiere.

The Christian rock group also recently issued a video of themselves singing the song with Trump, and the band tweeted a link to a Vine of them singing it.

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