When you’re a nerd, it’s cool to know you’re popular, says a bar owner

When you’ve just opened your first bar and you’re feeling like the new kid in the block, you might feel like you’re just starting out.

You might even be a little intimidated by the crowd, but you’re not alone.

You’re not even the first person in your family to go to bars.

Your uncle and cousin both went there, too.

They had been regulars for years.

But they weren’t necessarily the first ones in the family.

You and your friends were the first people in your neighbourhood, the new kids.

“It’s hard to say how many people we’ve met, but we’re pretty big fans of the city,” says Jim, an Ottawa bar manager.

“People think we’re a bunch of dorks, but I’m just glad I got to meet all of you.

I’m a huge fan of your city, and I’m excited to see where this is going to take us.”

Jim and his uncle, Ron, both retired bar owners, had spent their entire adult lives in Ottawa, but had never been to a bar.

The couple didn’t really know each other and weren’t even close friends, but they always had a good time.

When they decided to open a bar, they figured it would be a great way to meet people and make friends.

They weren’t expecting that, however, to be the case.

After opening the bar, Jim and Ron began getting the occasional phone call from bar owners.

They were the ones who were always the first to offer a beer.

“A lot of bar owners didn’t realize that we were the new guys,” says Ron.

“We didn’t know any of these people, but it was cool that we knew them.

It was an honor.”

They decided to call their friend Joe, who had been a bartender at the same bar for decades.

Joe was a little more cautious about asking about new people, because he didn’t want to risk upsetting the regulars.

But he eventually asked Jim and Ronnie if they’d mind sharing a story about their first time.

They agreed.

Jim says he remembers walking into the bar with his girlfriend at the time and hearing a song that had been written by the Ottawa band The Killers.

The song, “Can’t Explain,” had been released in 1981.

Jim, who’d been a member of the band, says that the song’s lyrics were “a really dark and disturbing song about rape.”

“I was shocked,” he says.

“I think that it’s something that I would never have thought of as a dark and distressing song.”

So Jim and friends decided to sing the song, which they recorded in the studio.

They also brought along a couple of their friends, who played drums and bass.

“This is the first time that we’ve ever sung a song together, and it was really special,” says Ronnie.

The video was shot in the same studio.

The bar quickly became a success.

But Jim and others noticed that some people were getting bored of the song.

They started asking the people who were sitting in the front row to sing it.

They realized that a lot of the people in the back were still getting used to it, and that it was now a big part of the crowd.

So they made a video of the video and posted it on YouTube.

The response was huge.

By the end of the year, the bar was the top-rated bar in the area, and Jim and Jim’s friends were invited to sing along on stage with them.

They took to the stage one more time, and the crowd went crazy.

“When you’re the new guy, people are always kind of surprised,” says Mike, a bar manager who is now the owner of an outdoor beer garden.

“But the fact that we could sing a song to the crowd at a bar that we’re all so familiar with, that just made it a lot more interesting.

And the bar is still going strong.”

Now, Jim says, the city’s bar scene is even bigger than before.

He expects to see more bands play there this summer.

The city’s bars are more popular than ever Jim says that it used to be rare for people to get their hands on a beer at a downtown bar, but now, the popularity of local breweries and the local bars themselves has made it possible for people from all over the city to get a beer without any of the tourist pressure.

“You don’t really need a passport to drink here,” says Joe.

“There’s a lot going on in the city, people from a whole different place than you are.”

Jim says it’s a really fun time for Ottawa bar owners and the city as a whole.

“The city has really embraced our culture and our city is really welcoming,” he said.

“So we feel like the bar scene has really taken off.

It’s really fun.”

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