When the sun goes down on the new football season…

A new era in English football will begin next season with the return of the traditional English tunes, as Manchester City and Everton begin the new season at home. 

But when the sun comes up, the new songs that come with the new format will be new songs. 

The Premier League is set to announce the new rules for the new year, with the likes of Stoke City and Swansea City expected to have their new songs played at their games in the first week of January. 

This season marks the first time the Premier League has played back-to-back home matches. 

In a bid to help promote the new tunes, the Premier Lottery has been holding a campaign to see who can create the most songs.

The Premier Lotter is offering a new campaign in which fans can win a chance to win one of 20 new songs for the first of the new years. 

If you’re a fan of the old, you can play the new, and then take part in a quiz to determine who will create the greatest song of the year.

The new music is being played at both home and away matches.

The Premier League announced on Sunday that Everton and Manchester City will have their songs played on the first two days of the season, with Swansea City playing their songs on Sunday and Stoke City on Tuesday. 

And if you want to watch the new music, you’ll have to watch it live on Sky Sports, which will broadcast the new song at 10pm on January 8. 

There are now 20 new English songs in the Premier Premier League. 

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