When a song’s lyrics are the most important thing to you, listen to this

article A songwriter who made a name for himself writing songs for artists including Eminem, Lady Gaga and The Rolling Stones is back with another hit, and this time, he’s the man who penned a new song for the popular movie Frozen.

Kang Ho, the rapper whose name literally translates to “son of a bitch” and who goes by the stage name “Kang” on the hip-hop album My Name Is Kang Ho, will appear on the upcoming Disney movie The Snow Queen.

His new song, titled “Snow,” is a nod to the characters’ ice princess sisters, and it features Kang’s own voice singing over a verse that borrows lines from a different songwriter, who he calls “the real master.”

“We all knew that this song was coming, and we just wanted to make sure that it was perfect,” said Kim, who will play Kristoff, the songwriter in the film.

“I didn’t want to do anything too flashy with it, but it needed to sound like a song that’s been done before.”

Kim said he and the rest of the cast, including Sofia Vergara and Kristen Bell, were inspired to bring the song to life after watching the animated movie.

“It’s so fitting for Frozen because it’s the song that has been playing in my head since the day I was born,” he said.

“This song is a direct reflection of what happens when I see that Elsa sings that song.

I love that song.”

Kim was born in China and has lived in the U.S. since the age of 4.

He has performed in over 50 shows and has amassed more than 10 million Facebook fans.

His father was a Chinese-American and he said he wanted to bring his father’s culture into the musical world.

“I don’t want any disrespect to the culture,” Kim said.

“My dad would have loved this music.

I grew up listening to the music, and that’s what it’s about.”

The song is the most popular of a number of songs Kim penned that he’s released since his first album, which was released in 2014.

It’s the first single off his second album, and is being performed at a live performance of My Name is Kang Ho this Sunday.

The song was written when he was living in the country and had a girlfriend.

“She was a little bit younger than I was, and she wanted to go to college, and so I said, ‘Why don’t you come to the States and be a little kid?'” he said in an interview with The Associated Press last year.

The song was a smash hit in China, with 1.5 million copies sold in China.”

Kim’s first single, “I Got a Problem,” was released earlier this year.

The song was a smash hit in China, with 1.5 million copies sold in China.

In the U-K.

version, Kim’s song is about his mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.”

When I was a kid, my mom had Alzheimer’s, and I didn’t understand why she could’t remember everything that I was doing,” he explained in an AP interview last year, “but now she has passed away.

It was a really tough time.

“He said the song’s title is “a very emotional thing for her,” and he hopes that his fans will see the song in the movie as well.”

We’re trying to show that it’s okay to feel emotions,” Kim added.”

Because that’s just life, too, it’s just not like we live in a reality show where we can do whatever we want.

“Kim will perform the song live at the upcoming Hollywood Bowl at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Kim’s song “Snow” is based on the book of the same name by Yeezy West, a rapper who also penned songs for Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kanye West.

It is one of several songs written by Kim’s family that were included in a Disney-Disneyworld song contest.

The winning song, written by his mother and brother, is titled “Auntie,” which refers to a common greeting for siblings and a common phrase for sisters.

Kim said his mother’s death in 2013 was “a big shock,” and the song was “the first thing I started writing.”

He wrote the song after his mother was diagnosed with dementia and asked him to write a song to comfort her, he said.”

She’s a wonderful person and I’ve always had a lot of respect for her, but I didn-I had to write this song for her.

I don’t think she ever knew what I was writing,” he added.

Kim will release My Name I’m Kang Ho on May 6 through his own label, the label Runaway Records.

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