What’s Your Favorite Roomba Song?

A lot of people love to sing about robo-kings.

In fact, there’s a song that comes to mind.

But there are others.

Here’s a list of 10 that you might not know about.


“Crazy Horse” by the Rolling Stones It’s hard to believe it’s been in print for as long as this song.

The Rolling Stones had just released their first album, “A Hard Day’s Night,” in 1966.

The song was written by John Paul Jones, who was just starting out in rock and roll, and is credited with coining the phrase “ROOBOT” (which was also the name of the song’s bass player, George Martin).

The Rolling Stone’s website credits the song with being one of the most influential rock songs of all time.


“I Want to Dance” by The Rolling Thunder “I want to dance/I want you to dance” is the theme song for the 1989 film of the same name, which is based on the book by Peter Kropotkin.

The film, which stars Tom Hanks as a British aristocrat who finds himself on the wrong side of a totalitarian government, was directed by Alex Garland and starred Michael Fassbender as a former CIA officer who is sent to work for the government to get revenge.

It’s a touching story of a young man’s search for meaning and a hopeful quest for freedom.


“My Country” by James Taylor It’s one of those songs that you’ll think you know all about, but maybe you don’t.

It was released by James and the Giant Peach in 1964.

But Taylor, who had a long-running hit with “Ain’t Nobody’s Fault, Bro,” wasn’t just known for his bluesy ballads.

He also was a blues singer, a blues guitarist, a jazz singer, and a blues trumpeter.

The band’s first album came out in 1966, and the song is widely considered to be the first hit of the Beatles, who would later be known as the Beatles.


“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” by Johnny Cash The greatest blues song of all times, “The Bells of Madison Square Garden” was written for Johnny Cash by Willie Dixon and is the first recorded blues number.

It became a hit in 1956, and became one of Cash’s most recognizable songs, being sung by many famous celebrities.

Cash was also an avid fan of the Grateful Dead, and often sang along to his hits while listening to music.


“A Night in the Life of John Wayne” by Miles Davis The jazz musician Miles Davis died in 1963.

He was 93.

Davis was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in the Deep South.

He became a professional jazz musician in the 1930s, and his music has influenced many artists over the years, including the Rolling Stone, who credits the album as one of their most popular albums of all-time.


“Gonna Make You Happy” by Bob Dylan The Dylan classic “The Blue Album” is arguably the most famous song ever written.

Written in 1931, it’s one song that’s been repeated dozens of times since.

The lyrics have been changed so many times that the phrase has become a catchphrase.

The original lyrics, which were first written by Charles Dickens, read: “I know you’d never hear me say it/ But I know you’ll never know/ I can’t tell you why I love you/ But you know how to make me happy/ I love to hear you say it.”

The song’s lyrics have also been adapted for other movies, including “Mudbound,” starring Will Ferrell and directed by John Landis.


“Little Red Corvette” by Mariah Carey It’s not a song you’ll likely hear on the radio, but Mariah’s hit single “Little Yellow Corvette” is one of her best-known songs.

The ballad is a love song about the love of a child and her mother, and was written in 1966 by singer Mariah herself.

The single has become so popular that it has been played in over 60 countries around the world.


“Lucky Tonight” by Willie Nelson Willie Nelson, the father of country music, wrote the song “Lazy Little Thing Called Love” in 1962.

It is one the most beloved country songs of the 20th century.

Willie Nelson was born on May 17, 1923, in Alabama, and had two sons, Willie Jr. and Willie Jr.’s older brother, Willie B. The two had a hit single, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and a number of other country songs.

It wasn’t until after Willie Jr., Jr. died in 2008 that the song came to light.

The following year, the song was re-released in a re-release with new lyrics.

“If you want me to love you, you can’t do anything/ If you want to

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