Rihanna’s new music video for Cardi B’s ‘Take Care’ hits No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 – and the internet goes wild!

The cover image shows Rihanna and Cardi b’s “Take Care”, with the words “Love me or leave me” printed above their heads.

It’s a bold message that the singer’s new video is a bit of a departure from her previous music videos. 

But for a girl who has already broken all the major pop charts, this video might be the one that really stands out. 

As the title suggests, the video is about a man’s attempt to break up with a woman he’s married to for being unfaithful.

And it seems that the two aren’t exactly the best of friends, as they both have their share of issues with each other. 

“Take Care” is a song about being unfiltered, and I can’t help but think that Rihanna is going to be trying to be unfilterable with the song.

In the video, Rihanna dances to the beat while she speaks into the camera, but she also lets out a deep sigh, and it sounds like the song’s themes might be at odds with the lyrics. 

In addition to being a new song, the song also features Rihanna performing her own lines on the track. 

For one thing, it sounds pretty good, with a smooth piano and a strong bass line.

But, like the rest of the video’s visuals, there’s also a hint of the lyrics: “I’m scared / I’m in love / I can feel the love / The love I’ve felt from my husband / Is coming back / In my heart.” 

The lyrics of the song are also quite clear, too: “All of you / You’re all I’ve ever been / All I want to do is see you.”

And, if you watch closely, you can see Rihanna take a deep breath while singing the lyrics, as well. 

I’m so happy you’ve found love again / I want you to feel the happiness / I love you so much / I don’t want to leave you”The video ends with Rihanna singing the line “Take care of yourself” in a singsong voice. 

This song is the sort of pop video that could be a hit.

And, it also has a few of the elements that make Rihanna so popular on the internet.

Rihanna has already sold over 30 million albums, and the video has racked up over 1.6 billion views in less than three weeks. 

And the song is also pretty catchy.

In a way, this song is a nod to her earlier video for “Don’t Stop Believin'”, which features a similar theme. 

The song also sounds like it might be Rihanna at her best, because the video features a lot of close-ups of Rihanna with the caption, “You can’t tell from this one / But you know I’m here.” 

I love you, you know / You know I love me / You can’t show me that you’re not in love”And that’s definitely the case.

And now, I can say that this song will definitely get the attention of Rihannas fans, even if the song isn’t her biggest hit yet.

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