How to write a song with a little help from Coldplay

By Dan McQuade | 12.10.2018 | 16:36:59If you’re a fan of Coldplay, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve all released a song that’s essentially a love letter to their favourite artist.

You might also be a fan, if you’ve followed their Facebook page.

Or you may have even started a Coldplay song for the first time, and thought, “Oh, that’s interesting, it’s a tribute to my favourite band.”

But, you might have wondered what the song is supposed to be about?

Well, the answer is, it depends. 

In their latest single, ‘The Weekend’, Coldplay sing: “The weekend is for you / To have fun, to dance, to sing / We’re all here for you”. 

I’m not sure how many of us can agree with that sentiment, but, to the fans who’ve written in, it makes sense.

It’s a love song, but the song also has a very specific purpose.

It sings to a love of the Coldplay brand.

This isn’t a song about the band or the band’s music; this is a song for Coldplay fans.

It may have been written to express their love of Coldstock, but it’s also a song of Colds love.

It expresses their appreciation for the Colds brand, as well as for their fans. 

The song’s lyrics also reflect that the song has a particular meaning to the Coldstock experience.

It also reflects Coldplay’s desire to be inclusive, and that fans of the band can find something meaningful in the song.

The song’s title is a pun on the word ‘guitar’, which in the context of Coldstep means ‘a guitar’. 

The title of the song suggests that the Coldstep experience is one that is all about music, rather than just about music.

The Coldstep playlist includes Coldplay songs such as ‘Black Sheep’, which was written about the singer’s mother. 

On the song, the lyrics read: “When we play / The weekends are for you, we’re all there for you to dance / We can’t keep up / We don’t know how much longer / It’s hard to keep up with the songs you’ve made.”

The lyrics are, of course, a homage to the band.

The lyrics also suggest that the experience of being on a Coldstep is one in which everyone is a part of the experience.

This can be the case with fans, who can feel the vibes of the music, and can also feel the impact of the songs.

The band’s website has a list of some of the best Coldstep songs and the Coldstons response to it. 

A recent article in Rolling Stone included a quote from Coldstep drummer Martin Garrix, who said that the band “don’t feel like we have any control over what happens, we just want to make it happen.”

This is a sentiment that was echoed by Garrix’s own Facebook post in support of the album, which reads: “I can’t think of anything that could make me happier.

I don’t feel that I need to make any more decisions.

It just happens.” 

This song is not about Coldstock or the music industry, it is a love-letter to the songwriter.

The words ‘we all here’ are the first line of the title.

The second line says that the listener is here for all of the fans, and there is nothing to stop the listener from sharing their experience with the band in a way that is meaningful to the listener. 

‘The Weekend’ is a catchy song that will certainly get you excited about the Coldstreet experience, and is a perfect example of how Coldplay can connect with their fans and fans of their music. 

You can find ‘The Weekend’ on Spotify here. 

Follow Dan McQueen on Twitter here.

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