New song ‘I Don’t Know’ comes from the future by The Chainsmokers

New music from The Chains molly crooner, The Chains, will be making its way onto the internet soon.

The video for her song ‘The Night’ has been released and it shows us that she is getting her hands on some real new tunes.

The video shows her in a dark room, with a piano.

A man in a suit is sitting at the piano, as is a woman with her hair down.

This video has been shared over 10,000 times on social media, and it has become the number one trending topic in the UK, with over 1.3 million shares.’

The Night’, which is about being a single mum with kids, has been the subject of many debate about whether it is really her, or just her voice.

However, there are also people who think it’s not her.

‘I’m not sure if this is her or her not, but this is the voice,’ one fan tweeted.

Other fans took to Twitter to say that she’s definitely not her real self, and that she may be an actress in disguise.’

I don’t know if this’s her, but the only thing I can say is this is a very weird video.

The Chains will have a new song in the future, but she might be an actor in disguise.’

The Chainsmoker have released a new video for their new song ‘Just Be’.

Watch below:A fan has claimed that this new music video for the song is her own, saying that it is ‘not her’.

It’s been widely reported that this song is actually a collaboration between The Chains and The Chains’ husband, actor Adam Levine.

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