How to watch the Oscars live with your iPhone, iPhone XS, and XS Max

When you need a quick reminder that you are in the middle of the Oscars, there is a simple solution.

The best way to watch it all live is with your phone, according to one expert.

“With the iPhone X, you can watch all of the movies, TV shows, and live-streaming of the Academy Awards and the ceremony itself with just a single line of text and a few taps,” says Jennifer T. Schubert, a communications consultant who has been watching the Oscars for over 20 years.

“But with the iPhone 10, you’ll get instant access to all of that on-demand content.

Here’s how to get started: Download the “Watch Academy Awards on iPhone” app from the App Store. “

And if you are on a plane, there’s a new app you can use that will let you watch everything on your phone and share it with your family on your iPad.”

Here’s how to get started: Download the “Watch Academy Awards on iPhone” app from the App Store.

Go to the Oscars page in the iPhone app, and select “Watch Oscars” from the list of apps.

When you get to the “App Store” section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View More.”

There, you will find a “Watch” button.

Tap it and you will be taken to the app where you can follow instructions.

Here’s the process: Select your device.

Select your date.

Select “Watch”.

Tap the “Subscribe” button on the “Sign Up” page.

Tap “Continue” when prompted.

Your watch will be synchronized to the App.

When the movie is finished, tap “Close.”

Your watch should now be synced with the App and the new app.

Now, you have a seamless experience, thanks to iCloud.

“If you’re flying, or just want to go to a new place and watch a movie, you just have to open up your watch list, and you can instantly get back on the plane or the train and watch the ceremony,” Schuert says.

“I have it synced to the train with the app and on my iPhone X. It works really well.”

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