How to stream the Bob Marley song ‘Rain Song’ on Spotify (US)

It’s a long shot that Bob Marleys song ‘My Rain Song’ will appear on Spotify in the US.

The song’s official Twitter account (@BobMarleyOfficial) hasn’t yet tweeted an official response, but the tracklist does feature songs from Bob’s other hit albums, The Bob Marlys and The Beatles.

However, Spotify lists a ‘streaming’ song as one that’s available to listen to while browsing.

The first ‘streamed’ track, which features the title ‘My Rainbow’, is not currently available to stream.

Bob Marly has always kept his options open on Spotify, and Spotify is not known to censor any music.

Spotify also doesn’t censor artists who have been banned from streaming services, although this has never been an issue with Bob Marlies music.

The singer was once banned from Spotify, after his band The Police were banned from the streaming service in 2011 for making homophobic slurs against a trans woman.

Spotify is also known to allow artists to stream tracks without paying a fee, but not all artists are allowed to do so.

Spotify’s ‘streamable’ status is different from Spotify’s original ‘limited’ policy, which allowed the music service to offer a wide variety of genres and music, and allowed Spotify to charge artists up to $20 per album, or $150 per month.

Spotify allowed artists to sell albums and CDs at a reduced price to streamers, and it also allowed the service to remove a song from a artist’s catalogue when it deemed it inappropriate.

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