How to make a elmo song in a flash

My favorite thing to do with my iPhone is to play some Elmo songs. 

Elmo is the name of my pet dog who has been adopted by my wife and I. I’ve been recording his songs and uploading them to YouTube and Spotify, and it’s been great. 

But there’s a problem with Elmo.

 The songs aren’t very good, and they don’t sound like any Elmo song.

I decided to go to Google for help.

Google is a huge source of Elmo inspiration and I’m sure there’s tons of great Elmo music out there.

But what if I couldn’t find any of it?

There are a few options, but the best one is this YouTube playlist.

The playlist includes Elmo’s songs from the video game The Last of Us and the animated show Winnie the Pooh.

That’s pretty much all of the Elmo tunes, but there are some amazing Elmo clips that I would love to hear from my friends. 

Here are a couple of videos that I think are really great Elmos.

If you’ve never heard a Elmo tune, here’s how to get started.

So what’s next?

If I could get rid of my iPhone’s ads, I would.

Instead of paying for music, I could be using Google Play Music to listen to Elmo videos or music. 

In addition to Spotify, I’ve also been using Google’s Music Unlimited service to listen and stream songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Soundcloud Radio, and even Spotify Premium.

You can also find music in your Google Play Movies and TV library, and I’d like to see the feature expanded. 

Google is also looking to bring some of its popular ad-free music services to Apple’s devices. 

If you can’t find a free Elmo video or a free Winnie song, there’s always YouTube Music.

And if you want to hear more Elmo, you can listen to the Elmos album and the Winnie album.

There’s even a new podcast with Elmos, which is a lot of fun.

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post

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