How to listen to Beyonce songs online

Beyonce fans can now stream the pop singer’s hits online and access them directly from their smartphones.

The songs, which can be streamed for free on Spotify, are currently available on the site.

Users can listen to Beyonces hits via their smartphones using a Spotify app, the company said. 

“We’ve added an online playlist that includes the entire catalogue of Beyoncys hits and songs available on Spotify,” the company told Al Jazeera. 

The company also said that users can browse the music catalogue by artist and song title, and browse by album title, album art, artist name and album title artist.

“Beyonce’s albums are currently in their third decade, and fans are able to browse them using a variety of filters, including artist and album name, album artwork, and album titles,” the Spotify website said.

Beyoncé is a huge star in the US, and has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, more than the previous two highest-selling albums of Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

In the UK, Beyonce has sold almost 1.7 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The BeyHive website said users can also access songs via an Apple Music app, which allows users to stream them on their smartphones and tablets for free.

Users who do not have an Apple TV can access the songs on other devices.

The website also said users are able “to share their own BeyTunes” to the platform, which includes Bey’s most popular tracks.

The company added that it is working on making the music available on mobile phones as well.

The music streaming service is currently available in Canada, the US and Mexico.

The first songs to be released on BeyTube are “Tequila Sunrise”, which is a single and is currently playing on the Billboard Hot 100.

The second track, “I Want to Break Free” by Beyonce, is also available, as is the third track, which is “Run the World”.

BeyTube is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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