How to imagine dragons from the song Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons song Imagine is a classic of American pop.

Its a catchy, danceable song that is almost universally recognised as the best of the genre.

But when it comes to the lyrics of the song, the band didn’t do their homework.

They chose the song’s title from a parody of the phrase, Imagine Dragons are the best.

That’s why they chose to make the song the title of their next album.

“Imagine Dragons have been doing this for a long time,” singer Harry Styles told New Zealand’s Radio Sport.

“We just felt like we had to do something to celebrate their legacy.”

The band’s frontman, Harry Styles, told Radio Sport that they decided to name the song “Imagine Dragon” because they thought the song was so good.

“There are people that think, ‘Oh they should do a song that’s just like this,'” he said.

“That’s not how it works.”

The song is about dragons.

“It’s about dragons,” Harry said.

The band chose the title because it was catchy, and the title was based on the lyrics, which were about dragons, and dragons, he said, adding that they didn’t make the choice up.

“When you get the opportunity to do a parody, you take it.”

It also came with the disclaimer that it wasn’t a parody.

Harry Styles said he was inspired by a particular line from the album, and wanted to do an original song with a dragon as its title.

“I wanted to be creative and be inspired by the song.

When asked what he thought about the song title, Harry said: “It was fun.” “

The original title, when we first heard it, was ‘The best song in the world, and we don’t have a clue how to do it’,” Harry said of the band’s decision to go with the dragon title.

When asked what he thought about the song title, Harry said: “It was fun.”

He said it was one of the best ideas they had to make their next record, and added: “I love this song.

It’s a good song, but we were inspired by it.”

The album is due out in 2019.

“Imagine Dragon” is the second of three albums in the group’s new discography.

The first was a two-disc set that includes songs from the band and Harry’s own solo material.

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