A love song that could have been for you

You can never know what your future holds, but the best way to find out is to have your heart set on a song that you want to sing to someone.

That’s the purpose of a love song.

If you have one of these, you may just be able to make it happen.

If not, here are some of the most promising love songs out there.


“The Star-Spangled Banner” (1938) This song was written by singer Lillian Neville and performed by Harry Belafonte in the 1940s.

Neville was a talented pianist and wrote songs like this for people to sing along to.

It’s one of the more beloved love songs of all time.


“Love Is a Constant” (1950) This was written for the song “The Stars and Stripes.”

Belafontes original version of the song, written by John Williams, had this line: “And then you go home to your dreams, your loves and your fears, and your joy and your sorrow and your love, and you will have a world of love.”

The song has been performed more than 100 times on Broadway, and has been covered by many pop singers.


“It’s All Over Now” (1968) This love song was originally written by pianist Tony Bennett and performed live in New York City in 1968.

Bennett’s version has a few different verses, but they all have the same sentiment: “I can’t get my heart out of my head, my heart can’t go into the wrong place.”

The original version was performed at the Met Ball in 1972, and was nominated for a Grammy Award.


“I Wish” (1967) This classic love song by John Cale was performed in 1965 at the Royal Albert Hall.

It was written with an acoustic piano and was sung by David Crosby.


“Crazy for You” (1964) This version of “The Great Gatsby” was performed by Paul Simon.

Simon was a brilliant pianist, and the version was written to get people singing along.


“Say Goodbye to the Sun” (1963) This tune was written and performed for the movie version of this song.


“Don’t Stop Believin'” (1954) This is a beautiful love song from the song The Wizard of Oz, written and sung by Oscar Wilde.


“One of Us” (1959) This simple song was performed on the “Hollywood Bowl” in Los Angeles, California.


“You and I” (1960) This beautiful love story was written about a couple, and performed at a concert in New Orleans.


“A Million Miles” (1977) This amazing love song, originally written and written by Elvis Presley, was performed live at the University of California at Berkeley in 1977.

It has been recorded, performed, and is still being performed today.


“All Over the World” (1974) This popular love song has a happy ending in the form of a video game.

It features a man singing to his wife, but it is not a happy marriage.


“If You Can’t Stop the Rain” (1979) This wonderful love song is sung by the rock band Led Zeppelin.

It is one of their best-known songs, and they performed it live in 1981.


“Happy Birthday” (1969) This dance song is written by James Brown, and it has been a part of the popular music scene for decades.


“When I Was Your Age” (1982) This romantic love song written by Frank Sinatra and performed on his 1967 album “Satisfaction.”


“Darling Nikki” (1986) This one-of-a-kind love song penned by R. Kelly and performed in Los, California, in 1986.


“What a Wonderful World” is an adaptation of the movie “The Ten Commandments.”

It features the titular character, played by Jennifer Connelly, singing to a group of people in a group home.


“There’s Something About Mary” (1971) This catchy love song about a man who gets married to a woman he meets on the street, has been the inspiration for many a hit single.


“We Can’t Help Falling in Love” (1983) This short love song sung by Michael Bublé, who was a singer and songwriter in the 1980s, has become a classic.


“This Is My Baby” (1981) This little song about love and motherhood by American singer Whitney Houston, has long been considered the anthem of a generation.


“My Heart Will Go On” (1991) This charming love song of two lovers was written in 1990 and performed with a piano and vocal performance by Bob Dylan.


“Sweet Caroline” (1999) This upbeat love song featuring singer/songwriter Mariah Carey is the story of a

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