When you need to be alone in your home

A mother and daughter in their 40s are now living together in a house they built with a simple, but effective DIY method: a simple plastic bin.

As it turns out, their home is not an ordinary one: It is the only one on the streets of the village of Givat Ze’ev, where the children are learning Hebrew.

The only problem: the mother is deaf and the daughter has difficulty speaking.

The father lives with his elderly mother in Jerusalem, but he washes the water off the dishes in the kitchen, so he can’t hear the children’s screams.

But for the family, living together is a miracle.

The two women’s mother, Naim, a mother of two, said she decided to make the home with the simple plastic container after hearing her daughter screaming for help at night.

“I knew the only way I could save her would be to put the bin in the oven, but I was afraid I would damage the house and she would run away,” she told The Jerusalem Times.

The house has a three-story structure, but it is made from a simple piece of cardboard, and is used as a small kitchen and living room.

It is a perfect home for the three young children, aged 4, 8 and 10.

In order to create the home, the mother of three spent six hours on the Internet, finding and photographing a model that would look good on a wall, then the rest of the time, she painstakingly built a makeshift house out of cardboard and plastic.

The model was based on an original design created by Israeli architect Yossi Gurvitz, which he patented in 1985.

The family, who lives in Givats Zim, an old settlement in the central West Bank, decided to move into the home after hearing the screams of their daughter.

The children are all deaf, and the mother has difficulty communicating with the family.

“We were living in a refugee camp and I thought that if we can have a house for them to live in, why can’t I live in one?”

Naim told The Times.

Naim was able to find a model of the building, which she had built from cardboard and Styrofoam and used it to create a simple wooden home with a three story structure.

She also used plastic bowls to store water, and a plastic bucket to collect the water for the kitchen.

“I put them together with a few plastic tubes,” she said.

“And when I put the water into the buckets, the plastic bowls become the water containers.

I just put it all together.”

The house, which has a total of seven rooms and a living room, is about 15 square meters.

The children, who are in the fourth grade, love the house, Nimrida and Nesher, said.

The mother of five is now living with her elderly mother and father, and they are working on a project together to teach Hebrew.

The father lives alone in Jerusalem but he spends a lot of time in the village, cleaning the streets and cleaning the water.

The mother lives with her husband and her daughter in the same house.

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