When ‘Meme’ is not a noun, it’s a verb, writes Jon Prine

The word “meme” has been a verb since at least 2005, when John Prine’s “Songs of Innocence” first appeared on VHS.

That same year, The Rolling Stones’ “Foolish Heart” became the first song ever to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But by the time Prine released his 2013 debut, Songs of Innotence, he’d been using the word since 2001.

“Memes are an extension of the human condition,” Prine told The Washington Times.

“I’ve always been interested in them, I’ve always liked them, but I’ve never really thought of them as words.”

But the word “Meme” wasn’t even on the list of most-loved words until the mid-2000s, when the word came to mean something very different from its original definition.

The word was coined by comedian Jon Stewart in 2004, when he and his wife, Samantha, were on a trip to Japan.

Stewart and his husband decided to make a song out of their travels and, in a twist of fate, the joke they would make would be “Memet” on the radio.

A day later, the song “Mememe” was added to the Billboard 200.

In the song, Stewart says he’s a “Memetic Meme” that “gets you where you want to go.”

And that’s when “memet,” the original word for the internet, came into play.

In 2017, it was added into the dictionary, the most common word in use among adults.

“I don’t think there’s a better word for being nostalgic,” Stewart said at the time.

“There are no words in the dictionary that do justice to how many times we’ve all experienced nostalgia in life, whether it’s an episode of ‘The Simpsons,’ or the time we’ve shared a kiss, or a time we were in the same room, or the moment that made us laugh, or whatever.

I don’t care how many words there are in the word.

If we don’t have a word to describe it, it just becomes a word.

And when we start using words like ‘memet,’ I think it really opens the door to new and wonderful things that we never imagined, and we’ll never know.”

But the word has also been used by some who have a different view.

In 2012, comedian David Sedaris, who was born and raised in Japan, launched a meme about a Japanese man who had a “memetic memory” and used that memory to help people “save money.”

In 2017’s “Memememe,” the term “Memegen” was used to describe a kind of memory that people have about their lives and their friends.

“It’s like ‘I have a memory of being in the room with you, I remember that you liked me and that you were happy with me, and now I have the ability to do anything I want because of that,'” Sedaris said in the song.

In 2017, “Memenomics,” an initiative that seeks to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the next social trends in society, made use of the term to describe how artificial intelligence could improve our understanding of what makes us happy and sad.

While many of the songs on the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 are popular, the “Memeplex” and “Memete” memes have been the most-watched songs on YouTube.

There are some people who feel “memes” have been overused.

In 2013, the British musician Paul McCartney used the term in a song titled “Hip Hop Meme,” in which he describes his friendship with a rapper who “got me in a funk.”

The term has also become associated with the internet’s recent resurgence, especially among young people.

A recent study by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that about two-thirds of high school students in the United States now have a Facebook account, a rise that has been linked to the use of “memegen.”

When the term was first coined, the phrase “memewrap” was coined to describe the way music can be “re-interpreted and re-presented” to appeal to different audiences.

Today, “memeplexes” are being used in popular culture, too.

The phrase “I wish I was a meme” has appeared in the movie “Frozen,” and in “Memeloop,” the animated series from Disney that includes a character called Memeloop.

The term “memeloop” also appeared in an episode from “The Simpsons,” where a character named Bart is shown talking about how his friends and classmates have “memememes” of him and others.

And last year, the show “Frosty the Snowman” made fun of the phrase.

In one episode, the character Ice King

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