‘I Can’t Stand You’: Lil’ Wayne, Frank Ocean, Lil’ Kim sing together for #Ican’tStandYou song

“I Can Be A Singer, You Can Be a Singer, We’re a Songwriter, We Can Be The Same,” Lil Wayne and Frank Ocean sing in a new song, titled “I Love You Like I Love You.”

It’s the second of a three-part collaboration, as Wayne, who has had a prolific career with his music and movies, is joined by the Neptunes.

The song opens with a sample of “I Ain’t Got No Problems,” a duet with Drake, which is a reference to the rapper’s relationship with Lil Wayne.

As Wayne sings, “You can be a songwriter, you can be an artist,” he’s referencing the duo’s music.

“We’re a songwriting duo/ We’re going to write, we’re going for it,” he adds.

“It ain’t a dream.”

The song then takes a turn into the Neptune world, with Frank Ocean leading a duette of Lil Wayne with the vocals.

The song also references the rapper being a song writer, referencing the fact that the two men are known for their collaborative work.

“You’re like a song, like a lyric, a song in itself, a lyric in itself,” Frank says.

“So we are going to be that, like we are a song.”

In a later verse, the Neptuns sing about the songwriting process and the process of finding a new sound.

“All you have to do is sit down, and you can write,” Frank explains.

“That’s what I’m doing right now.”

Watch the video for “I Don’t Want to Get Laid” below:

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