How to find the Christmas Songs List for every NFL team

Christmas songs for every team are no longer limited to one of the most popular song titles.

Now, fans can also choose from a variety of other songs from the NFL’s history.

This list includes Christmas songs that have been played on NFL broadcasts, and it also includes some Christmas songs from outside the league.

The full list of songs in this year’s list is as follows:The Eagles (1993-1999)The Lions (1999-2003)The Vikings (2003-2007)The Packers (2007-2013)The Browns (2013-present)The Falcons (present)Cleveland Browns (2003)Houston Texans (2003-)Kansas City Chiefs (2006-)Baltimore Ravens (2006-2009)New England Patriots (2007-)Pittsburgh Steelers (2009-)Dallas Cowboys (2009-present; played in 2008-present)-Seattle Seahawks (2011-)Green Bay Packers (2012-)New York Jets (2012-present, on NBC Sports Network)Minnesota Vikings (2012)-Detroit Lions (2014-)Dallas Mavericks (2015-)Minnesota Vikings-Seattle SeahawksThe Steelers (2015-present)–Pittsburgh Penguins (2015)-Arizona Cardinals (2015)Washington Redskins (2015, on Fox Sports 1)Seattle Seahawks-Minnesota VikingsThe Lions, Packers and Cowboys all had multiple Christmas songs.

New England Patriots played the Eagles Christmas song twice (1999 and 2003) and New England Cowboys played the Vikings Christmas song once (1997).

The Eagles and Vikings had some Christmas music with different words and phrases, and the Browns and Steelers had a song that was not included in the other lists.

Here’s the complete list of Christmas songs played by each team in the NFL:The Seahawks played two Christmas songs with different lyrics, including one with the words “We’re Going to Be Alright” (1993).

The Eagles played the “Crown of the King” Christmas song (1998).

The Vikings also played “I Can’t Wait for Christmas” (1995).

The Steelers also played a Christmas song, “We’ll Be Alright,” in the fourth quarter of the Steelers’ win over the Lions on Dec. 3, 1997.

The Eagles, meanwhile, played “The New Year’s Song” on Dec, 2, 2002.

The Bengals, who had a Christmas music video in 2006, played the Browns Christmas song on Dec., 13, 2007.

The Bengals also had a commercial for a Christmas car commercial in 2000.

The Browns and Lions both had Christmas songs in 2002.

Seattle Seahawks, Browns and Packers all had Christmas music videos in 2006.

The Eagles played “You’re All My Sunshine” (2002) and “The Little Mermaid” (2003).

The Seahawks had a “Christmas at Sea” Christmas commercial in 2003, while the Browns had “Merry Christmas” on Jan. 1, 2004.

The Packers had a video of “Let It Snow” (2004) in which they had a cameo as well as a Christmas commercial for “We Are the World.”

The Vikings had “Let it Snow” in 2004.

The Seahawks, meanwhile played a “Marry the Santa Claus” Christmas ad in 2000, while a commercial was shown for the team’s “A Christmas Story.”

The Vikings played “Let’s Go to the Mall” in 2000 while the Lions had “The Christmas Story” commercial in 2001.

The Bears played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (2001) in a commercial that aired on NBC on Jan., 12, 2002, and a commercial with the song “Let the Snow Come” in 2002 was shown in Chicago on Jan, 19, 2002.

“There are two more Christmas songs on the list, which also include a “Happy New Year” Christmas tune and an “I’m so glad” song.

The Vikings, Browns, Packers, Lions and Eagles have each had Christmas videos for this year.

Here’s the full list:

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