Alyssa Milano: I’m ‘not a lesbian’ in new interview

MTV News — Alyssas Milano has been asked about her sexuality and whether she’s a lesbian in a new interview.

The actress, who has previously talked about being gay, spoke with the New York Post about her new book, “Lonely: The Life of Alyssah Milano,” where she discusses how she was “born in a gay family” and her “spiritual journey.”

She said she was never “born a lesbian,” but added, “I am gay.”

“I think there is something about being a gay man or being a straight woman that’s more about being in a sexual relationship,” she continued.

“It’s just something that I’ve always felt I could be, which is why I am so happy with my life as a gay, lesbian man.”

The star continued, “The way I look at it is, I’m a lesbian because I’m not in a romantic relationship.

I’m still very young and I’m learning, so that’s where my sexual identity comes from.

But I am a straight man because I think I’m just the best version of me.”

Milano told the newspaper that she had been “very confused” about her sexual orientation throughout her childhood.

She said, “As soon as I was in elementary school, my teacher told me I was gay.

I was a little kid and I didn’t really understand the words.”

She went on to explain, “My teacher explained to me that my sexual orientation was different than everyone else’s and that I was different.

And that is what was most confusing.

I felt like it was very confusing.”

She continued, saying, “But I just didn’t get it.

I thought it was my sexuality that was different, and I thought that was it.

So it just kept going on and on.

I didn�t know what to do.”

Milan went on, “It just seemed like my sexuality was not something that was even talked about.

It was just assumed that I had it.

It just was something that didn�ts really exist to me.””And that�s when I started really questioning myself and my sexuality,” she said.

“So, when I was younger, I was really struggling with it.

And I started to think about what my sexuality meant to me, and my family and my friends.

It seemed like no one really talked about it.”

She then went on a list of things she wished she could have done differently, and then went to the point of telling her parents about her decision.

“I was like, ‘Mom, I really, really wish that I could have just been more open about my sexuality.

I wish I could’ve done things differently and have been more comfortable with it,'” she said, adding, “When you are young, you don�t really know how to act, how to treat other people.

And you can feel insecure, like, Oh, my God, this is my identity.

So I wish that if I had done something different, that maybe they would have said something to me.

I just felt so helpless.”

The former MTV star is the latest celebrity to come out about their sexuality, following Lady Gaga, who recently revealed her sexuality, and Adam Levine, who came out as gay on his memoir, “A Boy Named Sue.”

In the interview, Milano said she wanted to be more accepting of other people’s sexual orientation, but that “the biggest thing is that there is still so much to be done.”

She added, “‘I am’ is a word that means different things to different people, and there is a huge difference between who I am and what my name is.”

The actor said that she feels a lot of people still think of her as a lesbian, which she said was “terrible.”

“When I’m writing about my own life and I talk about the things that I do, and it�s all about me, it�ll be a really sad thing for the people who think of me as a bisexual or gay woman.

And when I talk to people about it, it’s like, Who are you?

You�re just trying to be someone else,” she explained.

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