Alessandro Del Piero’s red shirt is a reminder of a dark past

Alessandro del Piero is known for his red shirt, but when he has worn it on the pitch, it has also been a symbol of his life’s struggle with substance abuse.

The Italian defender is not the first footballer to have the shirt.

For decades, his teammates and supporters have worn red shirts to honour the victims of the Holocaust, with the Red Cross often using the colours for the first time.

Now, the shirt has also served as a symbol for a darker era.

The Red Cross of Italy has been working with Del Pieroz to create a new Red Cross jersey, and the result is a piece of history, as the Italian is a victim of the same abuse as his former team-mates.

Del Pieros shirt is part of the Red Crescent of Italy’s Red Cross program.

The jersey was first worn by a member of the military, who died while serving in Bosnia in 1999, according to the Red Croix.

He was one of the many players to die at the hands of the Bosnian Serb forces, with some historians saying they were killed by Serbian snipers during a battle.

The shirt has been worn by members of the Serbian Defence Forces (SDF) in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past 13 years.

The SDF were part of a United Nations peacekeeping force that was deployed in the country to secure the country’s eastern border with Croatia, which was captured by the Bosnians in July 1995.

In December 1995, the SDF withdrew from the border and Croatia and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) opened its first case in Bosnia against Bosnian forces for war crimes.

Del Perrios shirt was worn by many of the men in the Sdf, but his own team-mate, Gianluca Vialli, died in 2014.

The team-member died when he fell from a helicopter during the operation to liberate the city of Sarajevo, where the Bosniak forces had been besieging it since 1999.

The blue shirt has since become a symbol on the Sefa Stadium and Del Pieroes home ground in Turin, where he has been a part of his team-sport for the last 14 years.

“I was part of this team and I wore it for 13 years,” said Del Pierós former teammate Giuseppe Mancini, who is now in charge of the Salfo club.

“When he went to the World Cup, I wore his shirt as well.

That was something special for me, because I didn’t get a chance to wear it until the World Champions in Germany in 2021.”

The shirt is not only a symbol, but also a reminder for those who have struggled with substance use.

The red flag is the only flag in the World Football Association and it was introduced in 2003 as a way of helping people who were not able to afford a proper shirt.

Deli Piero has worn the red flag in front of the Juventus Stadium for the same reason.

He told ESPN that his former teammates wore the flag as a reminder to him and others in the team that they should always wear the red and white flag in order to prove that they are always the same.

“It’s not only for me,” he said.

“You need to be like me and you must always wear it.

It’s important to know that this flag was not created for me.”

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