When Brian May sings his favorite song in a video

Brian May has long been known for his ability to pull off some truly incredible videos.

The frontman for the pop-rock band Biffy Clyro was so fond of his song “Lonely Boy,” he created a video for it, in which he plays guitar, sings along to the song, and then plays the instrument on his guitar for a few seconds while his bandmates and his friends laugh.

It was one of the best videos ever made.

It went viral, became a YouTube sensation, and inspired countless memes, GIFs, and other videos.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When May first got his start on the music scene in the early 1990s, it was all about recording music for his own label, Soundgarden.

The group would release songs on a weekly basis, and May would record his own versions, with his friends and family as collaborators.

But that was before he had any real band.

“It was just like the first song I wrote for Soundgardens,” he told me.

“And I thought, ‘Oh, my God, that’s so cool.

What am I going to do with my life?’

I had no idea.”

He quickly learned that his favorite way to record music was by working with people.

That included working with artists like Dave Grohl, whose Foo Fighters album Sound of Silver (1993) was one the first albums to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, and whose band, Nirvana, was one half of the seminal grunge band that would become the template for many of today’s pop-music acts.

Grohl had the idea to record the album on a small budget, and to record it live with the band.

It didn’t take long before May started collaborating with Grohl and other artists, and he started recording songs with Grohls band, the Foo Fighters.

“I was in this little studio, just recording music,” he said.

“We would be on the computer, and I’d record and play the music, and Dave would just sit there and just kind of make music for me.

I’d be like, ‘This is great.

This is awesome.

This sounds good.'”

Grohl would then cut the music and send it back to May, who would then edit the vocals, and add more instruments, and sometimes he’d just record the vocals himself.

“The band was kind of like the studio for the music,” May said.

Grohlen would make a little recording and send the record to me.

And I would record it and send back the music.

And the band was like the recording studio for my music.

I was in that little studio with my friends, making music together, working on it and making music, working hard, and getting good at it.

And it was a really amazing experience.

I loved the music so much that it would come in the studio and it would just kind for me, and that’s how it was for me at that point.

“That was one thing that I really liked. “

Dave Grohl was my idol growing up,” May told me, recalling that Grohl came up to him during a rehearsal for the Foo Fighter tour and asked, “Do you think you could make a video of Brian May playing ‘Lone, Lonely Boy’?” “That’s exactly what I wanted to do,” May recalled.

“That was one thing that I really liked.

I liked to make videos for the bands.

That’s what I liked.”

And that was a huge thing for him to realize that he was actually doing something in the music business.

In the years that followed, May began recording his own music, which would eventually go on to become a staple of the Foo Fader playlist.

But while his early videos were filled with pop-punk and grunge influences, his videos for his new group, the Biffys, also incorporated some of the more traditional elements of modern pop-culture.

He was trying to capture the feel of the band, but also bring out the personality of the singer, who was also trying to make a statement.

The band also had a few of its own influences, such as the indie-rock group Nine Inch Nails.

In this video for “Sleepless in the Summer,” May and his band mates have a bit of a meltdown in the car, which is also a reference to the film The Hills Have Eyes, in that the band members try to escape from their car while being pursued by a police officer.

They also have a couple of clips from the movie In the Mood for Love, in a scene that depicts the couple as both sad and hopeful.

“All of those things are in there,” May admitted to me, when I asked him about those influences.

“They’re all just kind, really cool influences, you know?

I think those influences are all that

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