What’s the song the songwriter wrote that changed your life?

By JANET HAWKINS | The Washington PostA songwriter named Jonny Greenwood.

A rapper named Snoop Dogg.

An actor named Sam Smith.

A hip-hop artist named Lil Wayne.

And now, the biggest name in pop, a songwriter who had the big influence on a generation of musicians: The Weeknd.

Greenwood, 31, is best known for his 2010 hit “Royals,” which he recorded with fellow R&B artist Talib Kweli and featured a verse from Queen Latifah.

Greene wrote the song on his laptop, and it quickly became a hit in the U.K., where it became the most downloaded song in the country, and went gold on Spotify.

In the U., it was used in a documentary called “The Weeknd: The Story of the Future.”

In 2017, Greenwood recorded “Royales” with R&G singer Nicki Minaj, and the two released a follow-up album.

It was called “Royalties,” and it sold over 1 million copies.

“It was a huge moment in my life,” Greenwood said in an interview with The Washington Magazine in 2018.

“I felt that it would be the perfect song for a documentary that I’m doing right now.”

The documentary, “Royalls,” premieres Thursday night on Netflix.

It’s based on Greenwood’s memoir, “The Man Behind the Machine,” which chronicled his life as a music producer, producer and songwriter.

In 2017 he told The New York Times that he’d been “blown away” by the reception of the album, and he was thrilled when his fans began asking him for interviews.

He said he would answer as many as they asked for, but said he never wanted to repeat his past mistakes.

“I think people are really happy with the song,” Greenwood told the paper.

“It’s an amazing story and I’m very proud of it.”

The album was also a huge influence on Minaj.

She had a crush on him as a kid, and after meeting him in New York City in 2010, she asked him to help her sing a song for her album.

Greenward says he wasn’t sure what Minaj was going to say, but he wrote his verse in the hopes that it could help her overcome the fear she felt.

Greenwald says he wrote the lyrics for the song “Royale” on his MacBook, but that the words he wrote on the computer weren’t his lyrics.

He didn’t record the song.

He wrote the verses himself, using a digital pen and an old laptop that he kept in his office.

When the song came out, Greenwood told Billboard that he didn’t know he had “Royalfall” written on his notebook.

He says he didn, and Minaj says he did too.

“She’s a very brave girl, and she wrote her own song,” Minaj told Billboard.

“So I was like, ‘Well, it’s good, because she wrote a song.'”

Greenwood says he was not able to speak to Minaj for nearly a year after the song was released.

He says he had to leave a meeting with Minaj because he had no time to explain why he wrote a new verse, and didn’t want to embarrass her.

“In hindsight, that’s kind of how I feel,” he said.

“But I don’t regret it at all.

I feel like it was a big turning point in my career.”

It wasn’t until the release of the documentary that Greenwood realized what had happened.

The documentary “Royall” features the voices of Greenwood, Minaj and many other musicians who have shared their story with the public.

Greenwoods and Minawrson, who wrote the music for the film, are friends.

They met at a concert.

Greenwood told The Associated Press in 2018 that he was “blownaway” when Minaj invited him to her house for a coffee.

He and Minawsin later shared a coffee together and a date.

Greenwood says they had a few drinks, but did not talk about writing the song together.

Greenmond was also in the studio with Minawrd and Kweli at the time of the song’s release, but it wasn’t recorded.

In 2015, he wrote an essay for the website Billboard titled “The Weekend Before: A Conversation with Jonny, Talib, and Snoop.”

In it, he said the group’s friendship was built around an idea.

He talked about how the album was released to coincide with a festival called “Summer Camp,” and how Minawrat and the rest of the group had gone through their own process of writing songs.

Greenwire said he was surprised by the comments he heard about the song, because they didn’t sound like the band at all.

“I think the biggest thing that was very much missing was a sense of humor about the album and the songs that were written and produced

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