What do you need to know about trolling in 2018?

Here are the basics on what to do in 2018 if you’re a troll:  1.

Don’t be a troll.

If you think you’re being a troll, ask yourself these three questions: Do I need to make a point? 

Is my troll persona a threat? 

Does the troll’s point seem to be correct? 

Do I have a clear picture of what they are going to say?

You might not be able to answer all three questions, but it will be a good start.2.

Know the difference between a troll and a troll-in-training.

When it comes to trolling, it’s important to recognize that some trolls are in fact trained trolls, whereas others are just regular trolls who don’t know how to act in a troll world.

You can learn a lot about trolling by learning about trolls and how to recognize them.3.

Don ‘t insult people, but do the opposite.

If you are an average troll, try to make fun of people you disagree with.

Don’ t insult them, or their views, or what they think, just to make them think that you don’t like them.

When you do this, you’ll be showing that you have some common sense and understanding about how people think.4.

Stop trolling, but don’t forget to be nice.

A lot of trolls want to make you feel like you’re entitled to your opinion.

This can be intimidating at first, but once you start being nice, you won’t be tempted to try to change your opinions.

Instead, focus on what you want to accomplish with your troll persona.

Don the persona and just keep trying to be a nice person.5.

Don, but dont forget to make friends.

Trolls like to troll, but you also need to be friendly and understanding.

Don”t take the trolling personally, and don”t be an asshole, especially if you have a girlfriend or wife or other family members that you like.

Trolling can be a dangerous, addictive and lonely experience.6.

Don t let trolls make you mad.

Trollers are often the ones who make you angry.

So try not to be the person that trolls get upset about.7.

Don ‘t be the bad guy, or you’ll get the wrong idea.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to try and get the truth out of people.

Troll people who try to get you to believe things that aren’t true, and try to push you away from those people and to people you don’t know.8.

Don�t be a dick.

Trolly people are often good people.

If a troll is not trying to get what they want, and if they are trying to make people happy, they will be very disappointed if you don�t treat them with respect.

They are very sensitive to that and you can help them understand this by being kind and polite.

They will appreciate that you care about them.9.

Don`t act like a troll when you are not.

Troll culture is a big part of trolling culture.

It is not a secret anymore.

The Internet is full of trolls, and you should not pretend like you don’ t have the ability to troll.

Troll is a powerful word, and people have to be careful not to make things seem like they are not about real people.

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